Project Management

Keeping IT Projects On Track


When you make the decision to upgrade or replace your IT system you need to know that the project will go according to schedule. Time to call in Connective Technologies.


Working closely with suppliers, installers, programmers and most importantly, our client, we at Connective Technologies put together a sensible plan with realistic timescales. Then we make sure everyone sticks to it.


The Connective Technologies philosophy of pro-active working is put into good effect on a major project. No waiting for the equipment to be delivered; Connective Technologies checks and re-checks to ensure that everything is going according to schedule and that the hardware arrives on the given date, at the pre-determined time.


Installation of each component is pre-planned and monitored to ensure it remains on track. Configuration of the system is determined well in advance and resources put in place to ensure that it can be achieved in the agreed time frame.

Testing is carried out in realistic parameters, giving you the reassurance that the system is robust and will work in all expected circumstances.


In fact, at Connective Technologies we manage more than the project; we also manage the expectations of all parties and liaise closely to ensure that the objectives are achieved on time, on budget and in the manner and style our client demands.


If you are looking for the IT company that stands out from the crowd, then don’t delay- CONTACT   Connective Technologies today.