Network Security

Keep Your Information Safe and Secure by Connective Technologies


Network security is vitally important to ensure that your confidential documents stay that way.  We at Connective Technologies are experts in providing and maintaining security packages for our clients. There are many ways your IT system can be breached and it is vital that every one is considered. No matter how large or small your company and how much you trust your employees, hackers are not always external. Even friendly staff may leave under a cloud, taking with them vital information, leaving chaos and confusion in their wake and losing your company revenue.


When you are targeted by an external hacker the initial contact may reveal far more than you could ever guess. Once the system is breached a hacker can determine whether your company is a useful source of information or funds and make the necessary moves to gain control of your assets. New hacking techniques, viruses and worms are invented daily and just because your system was OK last week may not mean that it is this week. Don’t just assume that your system is safe. Have it proven to you!


Following initial consultation and analysis, Connective Technologies will recommend the right precautions for your company before installing and implementing a complete system. Items that are considered include:

  • Internal practices

  • Corporate policies

  • Staff sabotage

  • External hackers


Once installed, the system can be fully tested by running external probes to check for vulnerabilities and carrying out internal ‘best practice’ audits. Regular checks and updates can also be organised to make sure that your IT system remains safe and secure.


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