Disaster Planning

Is Your IT Prepared for Disaster?


Everyone thinks it can’t happen to them. But of course, one day it just might! Fire, flood, theft and explosion are daily occurrences and it’s not just your competitors that can be hit. Someday it could be you.


When your IT system crashes, you are in danger of losing all your data and even worse, it could takes weeks to get it back up and running. Companies today are so dependant on PCs that your business could go to the wall while you are waiting for a new system to be installed.


With Connective Technologies, you are safe in the knowledge that even if the worst happens your IT system can be restored quickly and easily.


Disaster recovery planning involves far more than a simple back-up. Ideally your system data should be copied onto another media on a daily basis. However, even this won’t help you to restore a complete system failure. A large amount of time can be lost in updating software, installing critical updates and generally configuring the system to its original constraints.


Connective Technologies  advises on a full back-up plan which includes failsafe procedures to mirror your original configurations so your system can be restored within a very short space of time.

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