Consult with Connective Technologies



In most companies, during the IT network settlement, we think at the given moment:

  • Identify, collect the equipment we will need

  • Share the information between departments and employees

  • The needs of our employees

  • How to satisfy our clients thanks to IT


IT systems have a habit of growing organically and without any pre-determined plan the risks are the following :

  • A poorly thought out network

  • Difficulties to handle complex networks

  • A lack of visibility on the necessaries innovations

  • Difficulties to organise an internal IT maintenance


Now is the time to call in Connective Technologies : We implement a solution in agreement with your business strategy before they get out of hand.



Consultancy : How do we operate?


Consulting with Connective Technologies means you can determine exactly what you’ve got, how it works together, whether it is sufficient for your needs or giving over-capacity and if it is catering for all aspects of your business.


Connective Technologies  will meet with all relevant members of staff, from the managing director to the end user, discovering your exact requirements and carrying out a full site survey on all hardware and software. We also take a close look at current working practices to see if they can be improved and streamlined with the help of new technology.


Only then will we produce a full report on the efficiency and suitability of the system and what needs to be done to help you achieve your business goals. The report is accompanied by full costings and guide times to installation and implementation.


Consultancy means different things to different people. To Connective Technologies clients it means that they gain a complete understanding of their IT system and a strategy to improve it in line with company growth.



If you are looking for the IT company that stands out from the crowd, then don’t delay – CONTACT – Connective Technologies today.