About Us

What Makes Connective Technologies The Right Choice?

Connective Technologies is a constant growing company. It has begging because happy customers and partners have spread the word and recommended us to other companies. Our team always provide a professional, stable, and efficient IT support for your company. To be sure to satisfy your demands, our experts always analyse provides a precise action plan for your premises. Finally, our reactivity has always makes us stand out from the crowd.


Our vision

Our philosophy at Connective Technologies is that IT companies should:

  • Care about their clients and their interests

  • Provide a customized IT solution

  • Be pro-active: Take actions to satisfy their clients

  • Look for and offer the best solutions

  • Not sell for the sake of it

  • Keep their clients ahead of the competition, using cost effective methods

  • Ensure the stability of the system at all times


Going Further

We at Connective Technologies work pro-actively to keep our clients’ systems up and running. We make regular checks to ensure that the technology is running smoothly, looking for signs that trouble may lie ahead. We also keep an eye on critical updates and service packages and install them as soon as possible to maintain security and give our clients a lead in technology.

Most importantly, every quarter we sit down with our clients and check that they are happy with the service being provided. At the same time we explain the new technologies being developed and discuss how these might improve our clients’ IT efficiency. However, we don’t believe in change for the sake of it; if the new version of a software package or the implementation of new hardware doesn’t offer significant advantages then we won’t recommend it.


Is your current IT support company working pro-actively with you or do you only ever see them when something goes wrong?


If you are looking for the IT company that stands out from the crowd, then don’t delay – CONTACT – Connective Technologies  today.